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Explore our work, discover aspects of your creativity and connect with your deepest potential. In brief: experience mindfulness, meditation and dreamwork.


Our work aims at creating opportunities for people to embark on what Jung called the tremendous experiment of becoming conscious and the Buddha called awakening.

Our courses, retreats and individual sessions are particularly for graduate psychotherapists, psychologists, counselors, students in training and other health professionals who aim to bring Mindfulness, Meditation and Dream work into their personal life and into their work with clients.

Our courses are experimental and focus on the personal and spiritual growths of our participants. You have the opportunity to gain deeper insight into yourself as well as into your relationships. The major methods at the core of our approach are working with  Radiant Mind, Mindfulness, Meditation, dreams, body work and creative expressions. Our work is based on a foundation of Buddhist psychology, psychodynamic understanding and mindful communication.

Feel welcome just as you are

Whatever state you are in, feel utterly welcome. We address stress, depression, anxiety, a general sense of unhappiness or a wish to look deeper into yourself, your issues and your relationships. Our work heals your mind, body and spirit. It creates harmony and union between:

  • spiritual experience and the practical concerns of daily living
  • yourself and others
  • your mind and body
  • thoughts and emotions

We believe that each of us can contribute to a kinder, more peaceful world by embarking on this project and making peace with ourselves.

Upcoming Events



Natural Meditation - Exploring Effortless Being

Join our meditation evening every second week to learn Mindfulness practices for daily life and effortless meditation. Stephan and Jetthe will lead you through two hours of meditation, mindful [...]



Natural Meditation Morning

Join our monthly meditation morning to learn Mindfulness practices for daily life and effortless meditation. Stephan and Jetthe will lead you through an enjoyable morning of meditation, mindful movements [...]



Healing Power of Tantra - White Tara Weekend

Tara, the Great Mother is invoked in times of personal difficulties, health problems and whenever there is a need for compassionate presence. She personifies the active feminine aspect in [...]

Guided Meditation

Mind like the ocean

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Meditation room

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Natural Mindfulness Bells

Mindfulness Bell

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We are in this together


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Quotes for your Meditation

sun rising

Here you find some quotes which can inspire you in your meditation practice. Go slowly through them and reflect. What feelings, thoughts and images come up? Is there any quote which speaks to you and [...] »

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